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Bolivia and its different landscapes...

Grouping together mountains, jungles and plains, they are the ecosystem of a wide range of Bolivian wildlife. Exuberant nature full of wildlife, waterfalls, and Biodiversity that invites you to discover these beautiful places.


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Synonymous of nature!

The doors of the Bolivian Amazon. The ideal place to rest and get to know the mountains, and the lush vegetation of Los Yungas. It offers a wide range of tourism possibilities, which makes it a mandatory point of visit in La Paz.

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Tarapaya Lagoon

 A spa that dates back to the time of the Inca Huayna Capac. Today this crater lagoon serves as a spa in the middle of nature. It has an incredible view over the valley and the surrounding mountains.

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Güembé Biocenter

A natural paradise surrounded by exotic plants, lush forests and animals that are typical of the region of Santa Cruz. You can see the flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

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Eco Park La Rinconada

On route to Porongo and just 15 minutes from the city of Santa Cruz, you will find this small tropical paradise. A beautiful, quiet and perfect place, here you will be in contact with nature. A place where you can enjoy with the whole family.

Santa Cruz La Rinconada
Santa Cruz La Rinconada
Santa Cruz La Rinconada Tobogán infantil
Santa Cruz La Rinconada Fauna

Samaipata & Fern Woods

Can you imagen...

Walking through a forest of giant ferns like in “Jurassic Park”? Cloudy rainforests of ancient ferns located in the Amboró National Park. Here is where you can take excursions full of vertigo, excitement and adrenaline that will leave you breathless.

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Buena Vista

Gateway to the Amboró National Park, with exuberant natural and a vast landscape wealth. This is an ideal place for visitors who are looking for recreation, rest or adventure into nature.

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