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Salar de Uyuni

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Video: Yasushi Tanakido

Simply wonderful and magical...

If there is a different, amazing and impressive place in the world, where there is no limit between the sky and earth, it is without a doubt the majestic Salar de Uyuni. A place that you can visit any month of the year and if you are lucky, you will be part of the mirror effect with moments captured in fun and creative images…!!

Our tours will make you live this experience without missing any of its beauty.

Incahuasi Island

"The House of the Inca"

An island full of cactuses in the middle of the salt flat, eternal guardians of this unique landscape. From its summit, fall in love with the wild beauty of this immaculate desert.

Explore the 2 Day / 1 Night tours with visits to the Incahuasi island.

Mummies of Coquesa

They have been sleeping for more than 500 years, the conservation of their hair and clothes are incredible. A look at the life of the pre-Columbian inhabitants.

Explore the Coquesa Mummies on 2 Days / 1 Night tours.

Chiquini Caves

Cave of the petrified "spider webs"

Breathtaking scenery of the salt flat, a sanctuary of cactuses and petrified stromatolites. The cave presents a strange underwater geological formation, from the eras of Lake Michín (300 thousand years ago) and Lake Tauca (40 thousand years ago). Stone cobwebs of many different shades and a great variety of shapes on the ceiling and walls on the floor of the cave itself.

Explore the Chiquini Caves on Full Day tours.

Tunupa Volcano

“Sacred Mountain.” Its summit provides one of the most privileged and amazing views of the salt flat.

Explore the Full Day tour in Uyuni to visit the magestic Tunupa Volcano.

Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve

7,147 square kilometers of exceptional beauty becoming one of the most important adventures and tourist attractions. A tour through the desert landscapes, full of colors that are inhabited by Vicuñas, Foxes, Viscachas and Flamingos. This completes the natural beauty of this remote corner, which is one of the most beautiful in Bolivia.

Arbol de Piedra
Laguna Verde
Geyser Sol de Mañana
Uyuni Salt Flat Red Lagoon

Mountain Biking

Spectacular 80 km. cycling route!

This route connects the city of La Paz with the region of Los Yungas. The change in landscape is dramatic, but beautiful. Nature and adrenaline lovers will not want to miss this opportunity to experience this amazing route.

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