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Traditions that make it unique and fascinating...

Indigenous peoples have inhabited these lands for thousands of years, and have left a cultural legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation. The colonial architecture reflected in its cities has a charm that takes us back to fascinating stories. Likewise, the religious art, fruit of the Spanish and indigenous mixture, created a unique style that still amazes us today.

Witches Market

Original knowledge...

And millenary beliefs accompanied by objects for Aymara rituals, Andean textiles, amulets, llama fetuses, exotic potions and millenary plants for natural medicine treatments, accompanied by Bolivian handicrafts… are some of the products that we will find in this unusual market located in La Paz city.

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Gigantic stones carved with extreme perfection, testimony of the existence of a very advanced ancestral culture for the time. A great legacy of knowledge to the cultures that later inhabited America.

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Titicaca Lake

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The Sacred lake...

An extensive aquatic panorama guards magical islands where ancestral empires were born and left a legacy that to this day is kept alive in the customs of their peoples. From the beaches of Copacabana, home of one of the most important virgins of Bolivia, we will be able to appreciate the intense blue of the largest and deepest lake in Latin America.

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Jatun Yampara, La Glorieta, Yotala, Tarabuco, Potolo

Surrounding Sucre are small Andean towns and communities, all in the landscapes of the Cordillera, through mountains and valleys. Their customs and culture take us back to pre-Columbian times that are still alive today.

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Sucre Iglesia en Jatun Yampara
Sucre Potolo Tejidos


And Dinosaur Paw Prints, located in a curious geological formation. The paleontological richness of the place is evidenced by being full of dinosaur footprints on Cretaceous rocks.

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Cayara Ranch

An impressive Colonial Building

With more than four centuries of history, it is a place that treasures valuable relics, a reflection of the opulence in which its owners lived in the past. Today, it has all the amenities to enjoy an unforgettable stay full of adventure and history.

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Colonial Mines

Visiting the depths...

Unforgettable experience descending into an active mine of the “Cerro Rico de Potosi”. Armed with coca leaves, cigars and alcohol, we will enter until we meet “El Tio”, owner of the underworld and of the material that the miner extracts from its entrails.

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Jesuitical Missions

A magical place...

That preserves the traditions that for centuries were forged between the different indigenous ethnic groups and the Catholic religion of the Jesuit missionaries of Chiquitos. The baroque music, the handicrafts, the dances, the festivities, the native music, the baroque style, the painting, the sculpture, the relationship with nature and the restored temples, make of Chiquitos a unique experience.

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Fortress of Samaipata

The huge sculptured rock in the world!

“Cultural heritage of Humanity”, Quechua word that means: “Place of rest between mountains”, is an archaeological and ceremonial center of great cultural value. The huge sculptured rock, dominating the town below, is a unique testimony to pre-Hispanic traditions and beliefs. Around it there are several tourist sites such as the Giant Ferns and the Amboró National Park.

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