You will be amazed...

At the things you can find in such unusual markets from natural viagras to carefully crafted souvenirs. Visit the different markets and product stores that will show us the syncretism and cultural traditions still present.

La Paz: Witches Market

Ancestral beliefs...

Based on Nature and the magic of objects together with the Christian faith… The Witches Market, the most indicated to get the amulets or recipes and thus to achieve that desire by means that go out of all rationality. Llama fetuses for the Pachamama, stuffed toads for money, secret potions for sexual potency and so on… What product are you interested in? You may already be thinking about what to buy…

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Santa Cruz: La Recova

Traditional corner of the city

La Recova, a small and picturesque open-air gallery surrounded by 51 small houses with jatata roofs. Typical handicrafts from Santa Cruz de la Sierra and other regions of Bolivia. Works in leather, wood, ceramics, jewelry with seeds or precious stones such as bolivianita, ornaments and fabrics, are some of the crafts that can be found in this craft walk.

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