La Paz

Awarded with the title of Wonder City of The World. A place of spectacular contrasts surrounded by impressive snow-capped mountains.

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Wonder City of the World

It is well Known

It is well known for its streets full of colors and flavors on every corner. Where the authentic still has life and music is part of the landscape.

Discovering the Wonder City will be one of the most exciting experiences that you can imagine.

Cable Cars

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An intense and pulsating city that we can explore from the above and be delight it with its amazing panoramic views. The experience in modern cable car cabins are the most innovative, ecological, safe and fun public transportation in South America.

Colonial Streets

Churches that show a great architectural variety.

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Amazing details of different styles that are preserved despite the centuries. This will leave you amazed, as will the colorful markets where you can breathe…

Folklore, Tradition & Culture.

San Francisco Church
Witches Market
Mercado de Brujas

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