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Optional: Connection to Hito Cajón – San Pedro de Atacama (Chile)

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  • Capture surreal imagery through the world’s largest salt flat
  • Witness an old train cemetery, home of century-old relics that reminds us of those adventurers before us
  • Within this salt Paradise, at the Incahuasi island, watch how life beats all odds, as giant cacti grow in an island surrounded by wilderness
  • Experience every shade of color imaginable as the sun sets with nothing more than nature in your sight.
  • Tunupa Volcano, measuring a height of over 3.3 miles, this is the home of one of the most curious and mystic Andean legends.
  • Cave mystery, thanks to the local weather, the Coquesa caves had preserved a grotto with local mummies from 700 A.D. This is a whole new take on history itself.
  • Pink flamingos show you the way to different colored lagoons, from green to reed, indeed something you don’t find just anywhere.
  • Luscious hot springs, hydrating mud baths and the most relaxing time of your journey, this tour has a bit of everything.
  • Giant geysers in the middle of the desert, light emanating from the ground, imagine the planet itself during its formation.


It’s time to take a step into one of the best experiences that Bolivia can offer. We will make our first stop at the train cemetery full of 200-year-old train engines full of stories, plunged with history, myth and reality. Going forward, through bundles of salt guiding you across the salt desert, we’ll find ourselves at the bottom of the Tunupa Volcano, listen to its wonderful tales, enjoy the view, and realize the size of this white desert. Here, is where the Coquesa caves are home to mummies perfectly preserved since 700 A.D. an experience like no other. Then, get ready to make your way to the amazing Incahuasi island, where giant cacti stand over 10 feet tall, offering a privileged landscape where you can take advantage of the enormous distance of the desert to take the famous perspective photos with the help of our experts, showing friends and family the majestic way in which the sky melts with the earth at the horizon. Time for a picnic lunch. So, as our favorite part of the day slowly comes, you’ll be able to witness a majestic sunset, that will change your perspective of the planet itself, many photographs have become internet staples, but they don’t manage to show what your own eyes can see. It’s finally time to rest and dinner, relax at the hotel and regain all your energy for the next day.

Overnight stay at the selected hotel:
1st Night: Uyuni, Colchani or Tahua

After a delicious breakfast, we continue our adventure at Ojo de Perdiz or Villamar, where we visit the Saint Cristobal town and old time mine’s ruins, a mountain side near the desert where you’ll hear the story of this town that has been entirely rebuilt. There, the oldest church of the region, Kulpina K is surrounded by antique colonial streets that house the paintings of renouned artist Gaston Ugalde, La Plaza de caracol and metal trees. From here, we make our way to the colored lagoons of Cañapa, Honda, Ramaditas and Hedionda, where you’ll be greeted by three different species of flamingos that make the perfect post-card-like imagery. Before we call it a day, we take a lunch in local restaurant to further enjoy a local hotel and gather ourselves for the third and last day. Dinner and head to the hotel.

Overnight stay at the selected hotel:
2nd Night: Villamar (Mallku Cave) or Ojo de Perdiz (Desert Tayka)


After a delicious breakfast, head out to one of nature’s most impressive works, the Stone Tree, a million-year-old formation that resembles a mirage in the middle of the desert. The Red Lagoon, caused by underwater vegetation, which pink flamingos call a home, going forward to the Sol de Mañana geyser, which shoots vapor above 50 feet into the air, making way to relaxing Hot Springs of Polques, where you’ll be able to use to bath if desired, in the middle of an astonishing view. Time for lunch at a local restaurant. We later cross the Desierto de Dali, until we reach The Green Lagoon, at the base of the Licancabur Volcano, that will leave a long lasting memory with its emerald shade. Return to Uyuni or continue to Hito Cajon. After all these majestic adventures the tour comes to an end, but it promises to linger in your mind for the rest of your life.





In order to have the best experience possible, we suggest that you bring a coat, jacket, or a very warm sweater. Gloves, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suit and a portable camera or Smartphone to capture the scenery.


You choose where to spend the night and we take you there, we have gathered a variety of options from beautiful salt-made hotels in Colchani, Hotel salts and local B&B’s in Tahua, or a hotel in Uyuni. Prices of hotels and local accommodation can be found in our price table.

  • Please check the minimum age for this trip.
  • Please be sure to check whether or not you need a VISA to enter Bolivia.
  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or accessibility requirements, please notify as soon as possible.
  • Please be aware that TRAVEL INSURANCE is compulsory for all travelers; otherwise you must inform UNIC TRAVEL BOLIVIA in order to provide you with insurance at an additional cost.
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  • For the full details about CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS, see our GENERAL CONDITIONS.
  • Included activities are exclusive to our group wherever possible, to minimize contact with others.
  • We recommend you confirm all guidance on official government sites and check that you are able to travel with your travel insurance issuer. Your travel insurance may be invalidated if you travel against government advice.
  • Visit this section to check out the latest on COVID-19 TRAVEL INFORMATION.

Per person, from

409.00 US.

  • 1361 US. 1 person.
  • 1st. night in Uyuni, Colchani or Tahua hotels.
  • 2nd. night in Villamar (Mallku Cave) or Ojo de Perdiz (Desert Tayka)
  • Price does not include lodging.




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