City Breaks

Cities that enchant...

With their traditions and customs, streets that tell stories of people who love the land where they were born. You can not miss the main museums and galleries that show the singular culture of its people. Cities where the modern and the traditional enchant with their fascinating mix.
Enjoy with us these breaks that will make your trip a unique experience!

Cable Car, La Paz

The world's longest cable car network

Unimaginable landscapes at the Wonder City, comfortably enjoyed from the skies within the cable cars that connect every corner of this exciting city, the most eco friendly and creative public system transport of South America.

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Valle de la Luna

Walk through the moon-resembling valley of Valle de la Luna, a hike through narrow paths surrounded by a scenery of breath taking natural geological rock formations. No to be missed!

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La Paz Nighttime

Thousands of lights and shadows illuminate this exciting city and its magical mountains, the bridges and freeways will leave you speechless when viewed from the sky via the cable cars.

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Colorful panoramic walk-through buildings that are works of art, with a very exotic and unique style. The buildings whose name mixes the words “cholo” and “chalet” are the symbol of the Aymara identity. The Cholets impose themselves in the streets of El Alto.

Cholitas Wrestling


For those who dare and want to be part of a wrestling show starring women in traditional dress who, without leaving their roots, today are part of a modern world and face each other in a spectacular wrestling show, we have the famous “Cholitas Wrestling”.

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Bolivian Origins

Video: Espacio Cultural Orígenes

Folkloric Dance Show...

A unique live performance that showcases all sorts of rhythms and dance moves from around the country. We think of this as a summary of most of our country’s heritage and culture, going through Andean, valley and jungle. Enjoy dinner, snacks and drinks while this amazing show plays.

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Casa de la Moneda

A historic site...

Where silver coins were minted with gigantic colonial machines, is now an unmissable museum and a symbol of Bolivian history. The feeling of going back in time and walking through places with so much history is overwhelming.

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Santa Teresa Cloister

Today a perfectly preserved museum, the church is one of the most beautiful architectural works. There is an exhibition of paintings from the XVII century and different manifestations of colonial and republican religious art.

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Santa Cruz Nighttime

Colonial buildings that begin to change as we go to further outer rings, highways that organize the city in a modern an innovative way. Experience its parks, monuments and particular design.

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