6 Days / 5 Nights


From 10:00 To 10:30





Day 1: La Paz – Rurrenabaque – Chalalán Ecolodge

Flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque, in the morning, reception at the airport by one of our guide and transfer you to Chalalan office in Rurrenabaque, after that we have to go to the port, to take the motor boat to the lodge, the trip will take 5 ½ hours sailing the Beni and Tuichi rivers, passing through the Bala cañón (Bala George) by the Beni River, after, we will enter to Madidi National Park, by tuichi river, where you can appreciate and enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Amazon, and also you can observe some animals near the river during the trip until Chalalan port. From where, we have to walk 25 minutes to the lake, where the cabins are located. Reception and welcome to Chalalan lodge, then the guide will show you your rooms. Welcome lunch.

In the afternoon, after lunch we will have a short walk, by one of our thematic trails where the guide will give you a rainforest interpretation and traditional using. Return to the lodge by canoe to observe some species of monkey and birds. Dinner

In the night, after dinner we start a short walk to observe the nocturnal wildlife, especially seeing variety of insect.

Day 2: Chalalán Ecolodge – Madidi National Park

In the morning after breakfast, we will have a guided walk for (3 to 4 hours) by Tapare trail or similar, where the guide will give you information about the rainforest interpretation and ecologically process.

Return to the lodge. Lunch.

In the afternoon, we will visit to the Mirador, where we can observe the nice landscape of the Chalalan lagoon, and the extensive primary rainforest of the Madidi National Park. Also we give you more information about the history of the community, Chalalan project and Madidi National Park creation. Dinner

In the night, we have a canoeing, special to observe the eyes of the caiman and another species of animals.

Day 3: Chalalán Ecolodge – Madidi National Park

After breakfast, we will have a longer walk  (5H) by the Silbador, Huaso and Penena until to the salt lick (Colpa), special rainforest place, where the animals is coming to eat minerals salts. This site is specially to learn or to explain you more about the rainforest interpretation and to observe wildlife and also to talk about mammal’s comportment, interpretation of the ecologically process and primary forest habitats.  Box lunch.

Return by boat to the Chalalan port from where we have to walk to the lodge, this walk included all the temamtic offered by Chalalan. The trail has a medium difficult to walk, that mean is easy to walk for all of guest or visitors. This walk take approximately 7 hours, this walk also offer more possibility to observe more species of animals, such us: the black spider Monkey, Howler Monkey, capuchin monkey, peccary, macaws, parrots.

Arrive to the lodge, swimming and relax in the lake.

After dinner, you have options to choose to take short walk on the trail, or canoeing in the lake, because the activity in the night offer possibilities to observe amphibians, nocturnal birds, bat fisher and to observe the eyes of the caimans.

Day 4: Chalalán Ecolodge – Madidi National Park

After breakfast, we will have a walk (4 hours) along the Silbador, Mutun and Anta paths to the River Rayamayu. This walk includes something for everyone: animal watching, ecological processes, different habitats in primary forest and finally the chance to fish piranhas in the natural river pools.

During the afternoon:  a video about the community and Uchupiamonas territory history will be displayed, to learn about the life style of the Amazon indigenous people. Depending on time

Day 5: Chalalán Ecolodge – San Jose de Uchupiamonas Community

After breakfast, we will have a walk by one of the trail, to go to the Eslabon River, this another longer walk (6hours walk) deeper to the pristine rainforest and to have more opportunity to observe more animals such as the black spider monkey, the tapir, deer, troop of wild pig (Peccary) and also we can learn more about Amazon rainforest interpretation, ecological processes and more. Box lunch in Eslabon River.

After a short rest and observing the landscape, we will return to the lodge along the same trail. Arrival, rest, swims and enjoy the lake. Dinner.

The dinner will be buffet, typical food of the area.

We have a short canoe right, to observe nocturnal wildlife and eyes of the caimans and other animals.

Traditional night (Quechua – Tacana) where our guides will explain the customs, habits and rituals of the  Uchupiamonas indigenous, activity in which you’ll also enjoy a local traditional drink, enjoy local music and dance with people our community San José de Uchupiamonas.

Day 6: Chalalán Ecolodge – Rurrenabaque – La Paz

Early After breakfast to take short walk by one of our trail in this last time to have opportunity to see more wildlife. Back to the lodge Luch.

After lunch we walk to the port, to take the motor boat back to Rurrenabaque and then take the flight back to La Paz if you have. During your trip we recommend to be always attentive, because there is more chance to see animal. The trip takes only 3 hours. Arrival and transfer to the airport. Arrive to the town and transfer to the airport to persons to have flights back to La Paz.



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